My Favorite iPhone Apps

 I love my smartphone. I had an android for the past two years but recently upgraded to an iPhone. Since I started exercising and changing the way I eat, my phone apps have been a HUGE help. I thought I’d take the time to share with you my favorite ones.

micoach: I discovered this site back in March 2012 when a Facebook friend of mine posted a run he had just completed using this app. There are several different training plans to choose from; getting started, running, American football, men’s training, soccer, basketball, women’s training, rugby and tennis. There’s also strength and flexibility plans. I’ve used the strength and flexibility plan, but mostly I’ve used the running program. I started out with Cardio Plan-Running-Run a Race 5K and am currently finishing up the Finish Faster 5K program. It’s all very customizable and each time you update or change your plan you first choose your ability level and then complete an assessment workout. You can also choose to schedule your plan by the date you start the program or by the race date. You can also decide what days of the week you want to complete the program. Another nice option for the program is that you can pick a free workout; these include running, walking, cycling, and Nordic skiing. There’s also sample workouts to try. This app is compatible with an iPhone and Android phones. You can also have playlists added to each workout. Overall, this app has been great for me!

MyFitnessPal: Probably the best site I’ve joined to aid not only in weight loss, but also for support and encouragement. I can track my calories for every meal or snack I eat, either on my phone or on the computer. MFP keeps a list of your most used and recent items, making it easy to log every day. One feature I really like is the ability to scan bar codes with my phone. No manual entering required! I can also add my own recipes or save a “meal” for future logging. There are message boards to ask questions on or help out others beginning their journey. The newsfeed is great, especially if you’re used to other social networks like Facebook.  Add friends with similar goals or interests in a snap! I’ve found it helpful to add other plant-based eaters as friends and then I can stalk their food diaries for meal ideas. MFP allows you to enter your weight and measurements. There is a reports section with charts to show your progress with fitness and nutrition. You can check if you’re on target for your weekly goals! Also, if you need to print out what you’ve eaten to show your doctor, viola! MFP lets you do that as well. Recently, MFP joined with ten other apps to make logging your fitness goals even easier! Other tools MFP offers include; recipe nutrition facts calculator, BMR & BMI calculators, weight loss tickers and weight loss badges. MFP is downloadable for; iPhone, iPad, android, Blackberry and Windows phones. No excuses!

Animal-Free: I recently discovered this gem of an app through a review on another blog. This app has four options; All-shows all ingredients that may have animal sources, Always-represents all ingredients that are always animal derived. This includes vegetarian friendly ingredients and Sometimes-includes all ingredients that also have possible vegan friendly sources. On the flipside is the vegan list, a list of ingredients that are always vegan with a few exceptions such as soy margarine. You can search by ingredients or products for any food item. My favorite thing about this app however, is the bar code option! Simply scan the food item and ta-da! The app tells you if there are any animal products in the food. You don’t need to look up all those complicated ingredients you can’t pronounce! It looks like this is currently only available for Apple products.

Nommunity: Another recent discovery! Nommunity makes it easy to find the food you eat. Simply check off your dietary requirements, choices include; vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, organic and locavore restaurants. Each choice is clearly marked and color-coded. You can search as close as within one mile of your current location up to 100 miles. You can also manually enter the location you would like to search, great for when you’re traveling and want to plan out stops to eat along the way or once you arrive at your destination. This one also looks like it’s only available via iTunes as well.


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