Follow Friday Blog Edition 11.16.2012

Have you heard of Follow Friday over on Twitter? I thought it would be fun to do a blog edition here at Herbivore Triathlete.

Here are 4 blogs that I’m loving this week:

Averie Cooks~Oh my! This blog is full of yummy looking desserts; cookies, cakes, bars, pies, etc. Food porn, dessert edition! Averie writes detailed baking posts and provides mouth watering pictures throughout. I love her tips and tricks! The great thing for me is that a lot of her recipes are vegan or if they’re not, often times she will post how to adapt the recipe to make it vegan! I’ve added about 5 recipes to my “must make ASAP” list from this blog this week alone!

Fork and Beans~I love Cara and her blog! This week she has been posting fantastic recipes for Thanksgiving. All her recipes are vegan and gluten-free! The best part about Cara’s recipes is the ingredient list is short and the recipes are simple to make. Cara is super creative and her food kid-friendly, check out her post, 10 Kid (and Allergy) Friendly Thanksgiving ideas.

Girl Makes Food~Alissa posts delicious and easy healthy meals. I’ve made a few of them this week and have not been disappointed! Alissa is certified in holistic nutrition and each of her posts highlights the health benefits of the food, how great is that? Although not all of the recipes are vegan, there’s plenty to choose from!

Professor Vegan~I love the layout of Davide’s blog, it’s easy to navigate and is full of useful information for vegans. He has recipes on his blog but other fun things as well. Like his current, Walnuts for Brains Food Challenge. The challenge is challenge to have a handful of walnuts everyday for 2 weeks! Then you log onto Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to log your progress using the hashtag #WALNUTS4BRAINS (I’ve been adding walnuts to my baked oatmeal!)

**Twitter Bird from here.**

Comments and Links Encouraged! Share your thoughts with me.

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