Weekly Rewind

rewindI’ve been living the life of a single mom all week (and will for another week) due to my husband being away on business. Holy cow! I have new found respect for all you ladies who do this full-time. It is exhausting! I’ve had to get up before work in order to fit my exercise in for the day and stay up late to get all the household stuff taken care of plus all the kids’ various activities. It’s been extra busy with holiday concerts and plays and gift exchanges. Finding time to sit down at the computer has been difficult to say the least! So, without further ado, here is this week’s rewind.

I’ve been enjoying a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea in the evening after the kids are all finally in bed for the night while I catch up on my favorite blogs.

I’ve been planning, writing invites and buying supplies for The Princess’s 6th birthday party. She wants Hello Kitty and a pool party. In December. Thank goodness for the YMCA! Birthdays at Christmas time are hard, but luckily she’s still young enough where she thinks it’s “cool” that Santa comes for her birthday. Ask me how she feels when she’s a teenager!

I want to take Ashley’s SnapShop Workshop, maybe the hubs will pay for the course as a 35th birthday present?!?! I can only hope. Ashley’s photography is beautiful and so is she. Her blog, Under the Sycamore, is whimsical and fun. She shares her life with her readers and lets them into her family’s special moments. Her adoption story will touch your heart and Little One’s smile is perfect and will make you want to smile along with her!

It’s holiday season and the internet is bursting at the seams with deliciousness as evidenced by my quickly growing Pinterest boards. Some of my favorite recipes from the week include; Gingerbread Loaves with Lemon GlazeCreamy Artichoke Spinach Dip, Vegan Cranberry Cheese Crumble, Edamame Hummus, and Jumbo Soy Nog Snickerdoodles.

What’s your preference? Salty? Sweet? Savory? Share your favorites; links encouraged!

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