Weekly Workout Summary 12.30.2012

Weekly Workout Summary
Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 12/23/12: 5.6 mile run at the YMCA on the dreadmill (1 hour)

Monday 12/24/12:  2.8 mile tempo intervals on the dreadmill at the YMCA (30 minutes)

Tuesday 12/25/12: Rest Day

Wednesday 12/26/12: 60 minute spin class at Allegheny Endurance

Thursday 12/27/12: 3.6 mile run outside (40 minutes)

Friday 12/28/12: 2.9 mile fartlek intervals at the YMCA on the dreadmill (30 minutes)

Saturday 12/29/12: 4.65 miles on the Elliptical at theYMCA (50 minutes)

Weekly Totals

Running: 14.9 miles,  2 hours, 40 minutes

Elliptical Trainer: 4.65 miles,  50 minutes

Spin Class: 1 hours

I’ve got race #1 (5K) of the Polar Bear Series on New Year’s Day!


1 thought on “Weekly Workout Summary 12.30.2012

  1. Valarie Serrano

    While it appears there are an almost an eternal number of excuses for missing workouts, lack of time gives the impression to systematically be at the best of the list, but do you know that the average American actually wastes 2 a couple of hours a day?


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