Weekly Rewind~New Year Edition

rewindIt’s time for my weekly rewind post where I reflect back on the past week’s events and noteworthy finds on the internets.

I celebrated New Year’s Eve day attending First Night activities with my kiddos. All I had to do was purchase a $5 button for my teenager and then I received a free button for the boy and the Princess got a free button due to her age. The kids had a choice of bowling, skating, swimming, story hour at the library and watching a self-defense class put on by my boy’s karate instructor. My kids decided that they wanted to go ice skating and swimming. I took them skating first since I didn’t think it was a good idea to arrive at the rink with wet hair. After an hour or so of skating, we arrived at the YMCA. Once there we discovered that there were many more activities going on there than we had been aware of before leaving the house. The kids swam for an hour or so then headed upstairs to the gym for the bounce carnival. There were four HUGE inflatable bounce houses for them to play on. Again, they spent about an hour there before we headed home to eat dinner. Afterwards we headed out to see Mr. J’s magic show as well as Bwana Jim’s Wildlife Show. By the end of the show, it was close to 9:00 pm so we went home to relax before watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and the ball drop. I crashed soon afterwards!

On New Year’s Day I ran the Polar Bear Series 5K held by the local YMCA. I’m disappointed in my time, it’s the first 5K I’ve ran that I haven’t improved on my time at all. My husband always makes pork and sauerkraut for dinner and I will make mashed potatoes. I’ve never been a fan of pork (even when I did eat meat) and usually will make black eyed peas. This year I made Spicy Collards and Black Eyed Pea Soup from Fat Free Vegan, for lunch. I did make mashed potatoes, using vegan cream cheese, they were delicious! I also made a small crock pot of sauerkraut for myself and added Tofurky Hot Dogs and Kielbasa, mimicking the meal the rest of the family would be eating for dinner. Although the sauerkraut and mashed taters were tasty, I could’ve forgone the hot dogs and kielbasa, they were not fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of fake meats as it is and this meal enforced that even more for me.

Wednesday I finished putting away the Christmas decorations and getting other things done around the house, boring stuff like laundry and groceries. The younger two kids got haircuts as well. Wednesday was my last day of vacation. I always dread the last day, especially after a long time off from work, it’s so hard to return to the routine of going to work and getting the kids off to school in the mornings. Sometimes I wish I could be a stay at home wife/mom, but now with all my kids going to school during the day, there really is no reason for me to stay home, and I know that I would quickly go nuts and wish I was working! Returning to work means going through two weeks worth of emails and phone messages and catching up on how all my clients did during their home visits over the holidays, paperwork and meetings. Yuck!

Tasty Recipes from around the Web

How did you celebrate New Year’s Eve? What are your dreams, hopes, and goals for 2013?


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