Weekly Workout Summary 02.03.2013


Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 01/27/13: OFF (traveling)

Monday 01/28/13: 4.24 miles on the treadmill (45 minutes)

Tuesday 01/29/13: Your Shape Fitness Evolved~Perfect Butt & Legs Workout, Toned Arms & Shoulders Workout (20 minutes)

Wednesday 01/30/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (45 minutes)

Thursday 01/31/13: 3.14 miles; Intervals on the treadmill (32 minutes)

Friday 02/01/13: Rest Day

Saturday 02/02/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (45 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 7.38 miles, 1 hour & 17 minutes

Spin Class: 90 minutes

Strength Training/Other: 20 minutes

I was way down on exercise time this week and low on mileage ran due to traveling out of town for the weekend. I’m hoping to step it up over the next few weeks as my half marathon is on March 10th.

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