Introducing Esther the Pug!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting for an important announcement. I’d like to introduce you to our pug, Esther.

Esther the Puppy

I gave her to my husband for his 30th birthday. She made crazy pug faces from day one. She snores like an old man. She grunts and groans and is full of personality for such a little dog.

Sunbathing Esther
She likes to bask in the sun as it streams through the window. Doesn’t she look like I’m disturbing her sunbathing time?

Esther with Hoodie

She likes to wear clothes. She has several sweaters and hoodies. She even got a dress at Christmas. Whenever I take her clothes off she gets really upset. She runs around me, angry that I undressed her, then she goes and pouts. If one of her sweaters is on a chair or the couch she will sniff it and run back and forth to me until I put it back on her. She loves when the groceries are brought in the house and will nose through the bags searching for a new sweater. She spins in circles in excitement as I take the tags off. She’s strange but we love her!


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