Weekly Rewind~Health and Fitness Edition

rewind fitness edition

With the start of triathlon season quickly approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about nutrition and fitness, more than usual. For this week’s rewind I’ve put together a list of articles I’ve enjoyed this week on the subject. I have also discovered a handful of new to me fitness blogs that I’ve been stalking exploring.


       Avocado Lovers May be Healthier Overall
       Superfoods; Cabbage, Avocado, Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Pineapples and more, plus recipes!
       Nutrition, Rhythm, and Metabolism
       Thrive Forward: A Free personalized online program to help transform your health through plant-based nutrition developed by Brendan Frazier.

{Scott Olson/Getty Images}

{Scott Olson/Getty Images}

       17 Ways to Get More out of Cardio
       34 Ways to Make You a Better Runner
       Perks of Running Solo or Social
       Running for Time vs. Distance
       Why Not Tri?
       Triathlon Training and Running
       Rich Roll Podcasts
       Crossfit Endurance blogosphereBlogs:
        Skinny Runner
       Stuft Mama
       Healthy Tipping Point
       Life Less Bullshit
       Strength Running

Have you read any good articles this week? Training plans? New blogs? Share in the comment section, links encouraged!


Comments and Links Encouraged! Share your thoughts with me.

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