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Photos from Saturday 03.23.2013

Karate Collage | Herbivore Triathlete

Grace Soccer Collage | Herbivore Triathlete

Dylan Soccer Collage | Herbivore Triathlete


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Harley’s Birthday, and a Fitness Tip

St Patricks day

There is no weekly workout summary post this week because I’ve had to take the entire week off from any form of exercise. Make sure to check back tomorrow to read my Polar Bear Series Half Marathon race recap where I explain the lack of exercise this past week.

photo (1)

Today is not only St. Patrick’s Day but also my dog, Harley’s birthday. She is a black lab/border collie mix and today she turns 15!! I bought her a special bone for a treat as well as a Beneful soft dog food dinner.

Fitness Tip of the Week: Inner layers should fit tight to keep you warm and dry. Outer layers should fit loose so that the air between layers helps evaporate sweat.

Weekly Workout Summary 03.10.2013

spring weekly workout

**Today I am running the long anticipated Polar Bear Series Half Marathon!**

Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 03/03/13: 7.4 miles (1 hour, 15 minutes)

Monday 03/04/13: REST Day

Tuesday 03/05/13: Elliptical Trainer (30 minutes)

Wednesday 03/06/13: Spin Class (45 minutes)

Thursday 03/07/13: Elliptical Trainer (30 minutes)

Friday 03/08/13: REST Day

Saturday 03/09/13: Spin Class (45 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 7.4 miles
Spin Class: 90 minutes

**I hurt my foot on Sunday during my run to the point that I could not put any weight on it at all on Monday. By Tuesday the pain was tolerable. Wednesday it was down to tenderness when walking but no pain when sitting. I decided to continue some form of low or no impact cardio all week but no running.**

This week’s playlist:

1: “If I Didn’t Have You”, Thompson Square (If I Didn’t Have You – Single)
2: “Living the Dream”, Downhere (On the Altar of Love)
3: “I Will Wait”, Mumford & Sons (Babel (Deluxe Edition))
4: “Keep Movin'”, Dub Pistols (Point Blank)
5: “Break On Through (To the Other Side)”, The Doors (The Very Best of the Doors (Bonus Track Version))
6: “War”, Ahmir (War – Single)
7: “In the End”, Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory (Bonus Track Version))
8: “Rest of My Life (feat. Usher & David Guetta)”, Ludacris (Rest of My Life (feat. Usher & David Guetta) – Single)
9: “Crawling”, Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)
10: “Don’t You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin]”, Swedish House Mafia (Until Now (Deluxe Version))
11: “All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)”, DJ Khaled (All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross) – Single)
12: “Try”, P!nk (The Truth About Love)
13: “Off He Goes”, Pearl Jam (Rearviewmirror – Greatest Hits 1991-2003)

Fitness Tip of the Week:  To overcome a rut, each week do a long workout, a short workout, and a speedy workout.

Weekly Rewind~Herbivore Triathlete Edition


When I usually do my weekly rewind posts I share links, posts, articles or blogs that I’ve particularly enjoyed over the past week. This week I thought I’d do things a bit differently. I always enjoy when bloggers share tidbits about their personal lives giving me a peek into who they are “in real life”. So that’s what I’m going to share with you guys today.

Here we go!

  1. Growing up I was an avid horseback rider and qualified for National Championships three times; 1992, 1994 and 1995.
  2. I had two horses that we boarded at the farm down the street. We paid a minimum monthly boarding fee due to buying our own grain, hay, straw and mucking out the stalls. Lucky me that was my “chore”!
  3. My horses were named Jazz and Frosty.
  4. I am the third child out of four. I am the only girl.
  5. I am the only one of my siblings who is married and has children. The Family
  6. I became a vegetarian at age 14. I switched to veganism in May 2012.
  7. In junior high and high school I played a variety of sports. These included; track (I ran hurdles and did sprint distances), field hockey, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.
  8. I don’t wear any make up. Ever.
  9. I prefer wearing flats. No high heels for this girl!
  10. I only wear skirts or dresses if I absolutely have to, pants all the way all the time. Esther in Bike Seat // Herbivore Triathlete
  11. My hair is naturally curly and it drive me nuts.
  12. I’ve been told my best feature is my eyes.
  13. I have two dogs; a Border Collie/Lab mix named Harley who will be 15 years old next week, and a pug named Esther who will be 9 years old in June.
  14. I have three children; Rachel, age 13, Dylan, age 8, and Grace, age 6.
  15. I prefer salty or savory foods over sweets.

photo 5

Weekly Workout Summary 03.03.2013


Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

*All my runs include 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down @ 4MPH & 1.0 incline*

Sunday 02/24/13: 5.9 miles (1 hour)

Monday 02/25/13: Elliptical Trainer (45 minutes)

Tuesday 02/26/13: Progression Run-4.12 miles (45 minutes)

Wednesday 02/27/13: Spin Class (45 minutes)

Thursday 02/28/13: Progression Run-3 miles (35 minutes)

Friday 03/01/13: REST Day

Saturday 03/02/13: Spin Class (45 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 13 miles, 2 hours & 20 minutes
Spin Class: 90 minutes
Elliptical: 45 minutes

This week’s playlist:

1: “Distance (feat. Jason Mraz) [Bonus Track]”, Christina Perri (Lovestrong. (Deluxe Version))
2: “Disarm”, Smashing Pumpkins (The Smashing Pumpkins: Greatest Hits)
3: “The Tribute (v.5)”, Colossus (Best of Mushroom Jazz Vol. 1-5)
4: “Want U Back”, Cher Lloyd (Want U Back – Single)
5: “Black”, Pearl Jam (Ten)
6: “This Is Your Life”, Switchfoot (The Best Yet)
7: “Welcome to the Club”, Manian (Welcome to the Club)
8: “Crystallize”, Lindsey Stirling (Crystallize – Single)
9: “Help I’m Alive”, Metric (Fantasies)
10: “Home”, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Up from Below (Deluxe Edition))
11: “Groundation Chant”, Groundation (Young Tree)

Fitness Tip of the Week: Ascending hills builds efficiency, endurance, and power. Running downhill is good for endurance.

Weekly Workout Summary 02.24.2013 Plus Playlist

workout summary 02.24.2013

Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

**High Mileage Run week; Half Marathon in 2 weeks**

*All my runs include 5 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of cool down @ 4MPH & 1.0 incline*

Sunday 02/17/13: 3.6 miles (40 Minutes)

Monday 02/18/13: 4.6 miles (50 minutes)

Tuesday 02/19/13: 3.2 miles (35 minutes)

Wednesday 02/20/13: 3.6 miles (40 minutes)

Thursday 02/21/13: 3 miles, Intervals (35 minutes)

Friday 02/22/13: REST Day

Saturday 02/23/13: 4.45 miles, Tempo Intervals (50 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 22.45 miles (4 hours, 10 minutes)

I always like to get ideas for new music from what others are listening to so I thought I’d share my playlists at the end of every week. Here’s what I was listening to as I logged my miles this past week.

1: “Off He Goes”, Pearl Jam (Rearviewmirror – Greatest Hits 1991-2003)
2: “Pull Up”, Angelique Sabrina (Pull Up – Single)
3: “Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch)”, Calvin Harris (Sweet Nothing (feat. Florence Welch) – Single)
4: “C’mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem)”, Skylar Grey (C’mon Let Me Ride (feat. Eminem) – Single)
5: “We No Speak Americano”, Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup (We No Speak Americano – Single)
6: “It’s Time”, Imagine Dragons (Night Visions)
7: “You’re So Vain (feat. Johnny Depp)”, Marilyn Manson (Born Villain)
8: “Welcome to the Club”, Manian (Welcome to the Club)
9: “Keep Movin'”, Dub Pistols (Point Blank)
10: “Don’t You Worry Child (Radio Edit) [feat. John Martin]”, Swedish House Mafia (Until Now (Deluxe Version))
11: “Kyoto (feat. Sirah)”, Skrillex (Bangarang)
12: “Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears)”, (Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) – Single)
13: “Beneath your Beautiful – Labrinth & Emeli Sandé Tribute”, Let Me See Beneath Your (Beneath your Beautiful – Labrinth & Emeli Sandé Tribute – Single)

Benefits of Adult Swim Lessons for Open Water Swim Success

OWS start //

{Source: everymantri}

Do you panic at the mere mention of open water swimming? Do you feel frustrated and get that “wanting to quit” feeling after the swim portion of your triathlon? Would you like to get comfortable, confident, and feel calm in the open water? Developing an inner confidence can make all the difference, not only in how well you perform, but in your enjoyment of your race.

{Photo: Rich Cruse}

{Photo: Rich Cruse}

Even if you are a confident swimmer in the pool and maybe even a strong swimmer in open water, the swim portion of a triathlon can be intimidating. Many triathlons start with hundreds of swimmers either on the shore ready to run into the water and some triathlons start with everyone waiting in the water to start. I’ve been lucky and had one triathlon start swimmers one at a time at 10 second intervals!

There you are, one swimmer among tens or hundreds of other swimmers. There’s legs flailing and you’re getting kicked in the head. Swimmers are on both sides of you, in front of you and behind you, someone may even be trying to swim over you. The water is cold, the wind is creating chop, all the other swimmers are adding to the chop of the water. The water is dark and murky, there’s seaweed to contend with as well.

It’s normal to feel a sense of panic at the start of the swim portion, but there’s a lot you can do to ease your worries and frustration.

I learned how to swim at an early age. I remember going to the pool around 4-5 years old and swimming across the pool, back and forth. I took swim lessons for many years of my childhood. I spent summers at the local pool and at the lake, I was a lifeguard, on the dive team and even did synchronized swimming for a while in my teens.

I felt comfortable in the water, both in the pool and in open water such as a lake or the ocean, so when I started training for the swim portion of my first triathlon, I was very frustrated and upset that it was not easy for me. Running came easy, biking came easy, I had spent countless hours in the water from an early age, why was this so hard?

{Source:  Men's Fitness}

{Source: Men’s Fitness}

For a couple of weeks I swam on my own in local open water but each time I felt frustrated and out of shape. After some soul searching I decided to take adult swim lessons. I was embarrassed and nervous about what the instructor would think, I mean I knew how to swim. I went to swim lessons twice per week for 45 minutes each time for one month. The first few times I left feeling exhausted, out of breath, and sore. But as the weeks went by, I slowly gained confidence and stamina in the pool. My instructor was patient and understanding. Instead of just having me swim lap after lap, he broke the stroke down into each separate portion. I focused on just my kick, then just my arms, establishing good muscle memory to ensure proper stroke form and technique. I spent a lot of time on my breathing techniques. My instructor moved onto more specific open water swim techniques, such as sighting, and learning how to deal with other swimmers and water chop.

By the end of my month long swim lessons, my confidence had soared. I continued swimming on my own once the lessons ended. I went to the YMCA twice per week and swam laps, using a program from Beginner Triathlete. I am lucky that on Sunday evenings the local multisport endurance club would meet to practice open water swims. There would be at least one person in a kayak out in the open water. I am privileged to know the owner of the local triathlon store who let me borrow a wet suit for several weeks.

Here are some tips for open water swim success:

  • Practice swimming in a crowd.  During a triathlon swim, you are likely to get jostled about and be hit with hands, arms, or feet, so practice swimming at close quarters.  
  • Triathlon swimming can be a contact sport, so you may have your goggles knocked off or out of place.  Prepare for this.  Practice putting your goggles on in deep water while you tread water or float on your back.  Don’t dread this happening, get ready for it.
  • In open water, lack of visibility can be disorienting, especially if you are a beginner.  During an open water swim course, you must “sight” to aim toward the buoys marking the course.  You need to learn to sight quickly and efficiently because lifting your head causes your body to drop and creates more drag.  Sight often enough to stay on course, no more.  Lift your head just enough so that your goggles are above the surface of the water, then resume your swim stroke.  
  • The start of a race can feel overwhelming. To deal with these feelings, have a plan.  Pick your spot; if you’re not confident swimming in a pack, then aim to start at the side of the pack but not at the back. If you’re at the back you’ll have to swim through all the competitors who swim breaststroke, which is an easy way to receive a kick to the head.
  • A very common mistake is to go out too hard, too fast.  You will be excited about the event, so you will likely be swimming faster than you realize.  Pace yourself at the beginning, you still have a bike and run ahead of you.

Finally, the tips above help, but nothing can simulate an actual open water swim.  While the pool is the perfect place to do most of your training, it is important to practice in open water.  If possible, swim at the site of your race.  Overcome the fear factor so you are ready to race!