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Weekly Workout Summary 02.17.2013

Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 02/10/13: Polar Bear Series 10 miles (1:33:53 minutes)

Monday 02/11/13: REST Day

Tuesday 02/12/13: Yoga, Stretching & Flexibility using Fitness Blender on YouTube (30 minutes)

Wednesday 02/13/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (45 minutes)

Thursday 02/14/13: REST Day

Friday 02/15/13: Elliptical Trainer at the YMCA (45 minutes)

Saturday 02/16/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (45 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 10 miles, 1:33:53 minutes

Spin Class: 1 hour & 30 minutes

Strength Training/Other: 1 hour, 15 minutes


Polar Bear Series~10 Miles

Polar Bear Series

The Polar Bear Series 10 mile race was the farthest I’ve ran so far as a runner. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and the temperatures were in the high 30’s. About an hour and a half before the race start I made myself a juice that I’m calling, “Go Get ‘Em Green Juice” (recipe below). I also ate a bowl of my homemade Maple Sunbutter Granola with almond milk and a banana.

For once I actually managed to get my phone started on time and my music was turned up! I had come prepared with an extra layer consisting of a jacket and a fresh pack of Hot Hands. About a mile into the race, I shoved the Hot Hands in my pocket. I unzipped my extra jacket around mile 2 and thought about taking my hat off because I could feel myself sweating, but decided against it since I knew that the middle miles are in shade and colder. Around miles 1-2 I passed my husband and several other racers. My ankles started to ache a bit around miles 2-3 but not too bad and I ran through the achy-ness. I skipped the first water station and felt like I was keeping a good pace. I passed a couple more racers between miles 3-4. I like to pick a person or two ahead of me to try to “catch” and pass them.

Around miles 4-5 the leaders started passing me heading back towards the YMCA. I was hoping that the turnaround was coming up soon, but it seemed to take forever before I saw it. This portion of the race was all uphill, a L.O.N.G gradual uphill, it sucked. At the turnaround I grabbed a water and took a few sips. Now I got to run back down the hill and picked up my pace quite a bit.

I passed this one guy I’d been aiming for the past mile or so at this point. He slowed to a walk to drink his water. Next up was a woman in a pink jacket. It looked like she was quite a ways ahead of me and I feared that I may not be able catch up to and pass her. At miles 7-8, I was close enough to pass her and made my move. At this point there was no one else ahead of me to try to pass, I figured all the fast runners were way ahead of me and had probably finished by now.

I tried to pick up my pace for miles 8-10, however, my left IT band started to tighten up and really hurt at this point, but I refused to slow down and walk this close to the end, I pushed through the pain. Around 9.5 miles  I saw some runners who had already finished cooling down. I turned the final corner, about 1/4 mile left to the finish, and pushed myself into high gear. I ran as fast as I could to the finish line. My time was 1:33:53! (The splits shown below don’t give the official finish time due to me starting my phone timer prior to the official start of the race).

I was pleased with this time, my guesstimate had been about an hour and a half. This was my first longer distance race and I could not have asked for a better run. I felt really good the entire time and kept a steady pace, averaging 9-9:30 minutes per mile.

Polar Bear 10miles // www.herbivoretriathlete.wordpress.com

Go Get ‘Em Green Juice

3 Romaine Leaves
1 cup spinach, baby bok choy, baby red & green chard blend
1 celery stalk
1 apple
2-3 inches of an English Cucumber
1/4 cup fresh parsley
1/2 inch knob of ginger
1/2 of a lemon

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Weekly Workout Summary 02.10.2013

Valentine's Day Weekly Workout

Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 02/03/13: 8.6 miles on the treadmill (1 hour, 25 minutes)

Monday 02/04/13: REST Day

Tuesday 02/05/13: 3.24 miles on the treadmill (35 minutes)

Wednesday 02/06/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (45 minutes)

Thursday 02/07/13: 2.77 miles on the treadmill (30 minutes)

Friday 02/08/13: Your Shape Fitness Evolved: Toned Arms & Shoulders Workout-5#, Sleeve Busting Workout-5#, Zen Class: Ocean (35 minutes)

Saturday 02/09/13: Spin Class at Allegheny Endurance (60 minutes)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 14.61 miles, 2 hours & 30 minutes

Spin Class: 1 hour & 45 minutes

Strength Training/Other: 35 minutes

Today I am running the Polar Bear Series 10 miles, stay tuned this week for my race report. Check out my other Polar Bear Series Races; 5K and 10K as well as previous races.

Weekly Rewind~Hodge Podge Edition

rewindTime for another edition of Herbivore Triathlete’s Weekly Rewind!

I’ve been super busy this week, I know I’ve said that before, but it’s true! I feel like this week has just been go, go, go!

On Sunday I ran my very first 10K, you can read about my experience here.

My birthday was on Wednesday. I turned 35 (holy shit, when did I get old??)

Three kids + three bedroom house = shared bedrooms = recipe for disaster! We’ve had our house on the market since this past summer and have been casually looking for a 4 bedroom house. I found one that looked like it was a good fit for us, kind of out of town a bit and had a small amount of land. I contacted the Realtor  scheduled a viewing, and went to the house on the designated day and time. We waited for half an hour and she NO SHOWED! What kind of Realtor does that? I was annoyed to say the least. We had made childcare arrangements and cancelled my birthday dinner plans to go see this house. Ugh!

I’ve been reading a lot about photography this week:

By the way, I need this lens–>Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Awesome lens at an awesome price!

Food I’m crushing on this week:

Looking for a new blog to obsess over? Check out Greatist‘s list of 60 Must-Read Health &Fitness Blogs for 2013. Several of my favorites are on the list, are yours?




Polar Bear Series~10K

polar bear running2Last Sunday the temperature was close to 60°F and it was sunny during my long run. The weather predicted for today was 21°F, winds up to 20-30 mph and 80% chance of snow. Perfect weather to run a 10K, or NOT! All morning I was fretting about how cold and snowy and windy it was outside. I could hear the wind rattling the windows in my house all night and all morning. I did NOT want to go run 6.2 miles, not one bit. But I had registered for the race so I tried to mentally prepare myself as I packed my bag.

I made a last minute run to the store to pick up some Hot Hands and a fleece jacket for an extra layer.

Before the race I fueled up with some Endurance Crackers¹ and a Beet & Sweet Potato “Roots” Juice² as well as a banana. About 15 minutes prior to the race starting I took a slow jog around the block to warm up and did some minor stretching. I got my phone all set up with the GPS and music and timer, and I actually remembered to push “start” this time!

The first mile was brutal; we were running into the wind and the snow was coming right at my face. I felt like my face was frozen and it hurt! I looked at the woman next to me and her face was covered in snow! My husband was just ahead of me and my goal was to pass him by mile 2.

The second mile we were finally running with the wind at our backs and I passed the hubby. I was feeling pretty good about my pace and no parts of my body felt like they were going to fall off from the cold anymore.

Polar Bear 10K

The app on my phone would chirp in and tell me my time, miles and pace every mile which helped keep me on track. At about 2.5 miles or so people started coming back towards me so I knew that the turnaround/halfway point wasn’t too far off. I was still feeling good and keeping a steady pace.

The third mile was a steady incline and I know I slowed down a bit, but it didn’t feel too significant. There was a woman and 3 men that I kept passing and then they would pass me, back and forth until about mile 5. I reached the turnaround point feeling good and knowing I could finish the 10K in less than an hour, which was my goal.

Miles 4 & 5 were on a gradual slope downhill and I was able to pick up some speed. I had wanted to run the second half faster than the first half and was feeling good about my pace. At mile 5 I dropped one of my hot hands while trying to fix my earphones. One had fallen out of my ear! I slowed for a split second to pick it up but changed my mind and kept going. I saw the 5 mile marker and picked up the pace a bit more.

During the final mile several runners who had already finished were cooling down and running back towards me. I knew I was almost done and my app informed me that I had run 6 miles in 54:06, I pushed myself to run faster to the finish line.

I finished my first 10K in 55:33 minutes, meeting my goal of under one hour. Not too shabby I think, especially with the weather conditions and considering it was my first 10K race. I walked back to cool down and also to cheer my husband on to his own finish of 56:49 minutes.

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¹ Read the Top 10 Benefits of Chia Seeds; Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds; Benefits of Sunflower Seeds; and Benefits of Sesame Seeds.
² Sweet potatoes and carrots are high in beta-carotene, vitamin C and anti-oxidants. Beets are rich in phytonutrients and have blood pressure lowering properties.  Read more about the benefits of beet juice for endurance athletes here.

Weekly Workout Summary 01.06.2013

Weekly Workout Summary

Here’s what my weekly workouts looked like:

Sunday 12/30/12: 7.2 mile run at the YMCA on the dreadmill (1 hour)

Monday 12/31/12:  Rest Day

Tuesday 1/1/13: Polar Bear Series 5K

Wednesday 1/2/13: Pilates & Abs Workout from Fitness Blender (30 minutes)

Thursday 1/3/13: Tempo Run Intervals on the dreadmill at the YMCA (30 minutes, 2.15 miles)

Friday 1/4/13: 45 minutes Spin Class at the YMCA

Saturday 1/5/13: Cruise Intervals on the dreadmill at the YMCA (32 minutes, 3.06 miles)

Weekly Totals:

Running: 15.51 miles, 2 hours & 32 minutes

Spin Class: 45 minutes

Pilates & Abs: 30 minutes

Polar Bear Series 5K

polar bear running2

The local YMCA holds a series of runs from January to March, each race increasing in distance. Today was the first race, lovingly called, “New Year’s Resolution” 5K. All the races start at 1:00 pm, which seems late to me, but whatever.

My husband and I both signed up to run the whole series; 5K (today), 10K, 10 miles and ending with a half marathon on March 10, 2013. We arrived at registration about 30 minutes prior to the race starting and picked up our bibs and race shirts; really nice dri fit long sleeved shirts. The course was the same one I ran for the Turkey Trot back on Thanksgiving, so I knew what to expect as far as hills, turns, etc.

I’m not sure exactly how many people ran today, but saw bib numbers in the 100s. As an alternative to running, you also have the option to do walks, each one increasing in distance, the last one being 6 miles.

Today’s race was chilly, only 21° F, windy and we recently had 12 inches of snow. The conditions were icy and slushy. Lucky me, I had received a pair of Yaktrax for Christmas as well as cold-weather running gear. I was still cold while waiting for the race to start, but as always, warmed up quickly.

I managed to get my music started in time for the gun to go off, this is a first for me! I got a new watch/HRM for Christmas and had intentions of using it to time myself. I thought I had pushed “start” when the race began, but once I crossed the finish line and checked my time, it still said 00:00:00, oops!

I didn’t feel very fast today and my lungs/chest felt tight and I felt out of breath. I used my husband to set the pace and ran about 20-30 feet behind him for the majority of the race. When there was about 1/4 mile left, I made my move and increased my pace to pass him. I saw the finish and put my legs into high gear. My unofficial time was 27 minutes, I will post the accurate time once the results are available online.

I’m not exactly happy about my time, but there’s always room for improvement, right? My goal for 2013 is to run a sub-25 minutes 5K.

**Updated: 27:09 minutes is the official time**

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